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"I have been working, studying, lecturing and teaching in the areas of fibre arts and ceramics for 40 years. I hold a Visual Arts degree from Curtin University graduating in 1986. I live in a beautiful bush land setting in Bedfordale, Western Australia overlooking the waters of the Wungong Dam.

I love doing what I do, I love living where I live and I create my art work from my soul. Kahlil Gibran, the famous poet says that ones work is 'love made visible' and this summarises my belief of working and creating my art.

Since a little girl I have always taken great delight and interest in natures design, shapes and colours. I can remember looking, watching, and observing things like insects, shells, fish, flowers, and stone with particular interest in their intricate patterns and colours. I have always been fascinated by the detail of nature. This interest has progressed to bigger objects and I have incorporated this use of detail and colour into my work.

My use of colour ranges from brilliant golden, and bright hues on silk velvet through to indigo, taupe's, greens, rust and tannic on ripped cotton using designs and techniques that reflect the primitive and the contemporary. I have always worked with different mediums in combination. I find it quite natural to combine and explore complimentary mediums and have used fibre and ceramics extensively over my career to create and express my love of life and art."

Extract from presentation to the Paris American Academy of Arts:

"There is a global, burgeoning interest in the use of natural fabrics, natural dyes and natural dye techniques. The prospect of developing my work within the current context of environmental social awareness, with itís associated focus on naturally created materials, is very exciting to me. I recently attended the 7th International Shibori Symposium in 2008 in France, which had, as itís focus, natural dyes. Not surprisingly, I enthusiastically joined in on the ensuing sprited international dialogue about natural dyes and shibori. I was afforded the opportunity to interact with the established Masters in this field, and was able to exhibit in the ĎAustralia Naturally Exhibitioní, which showcased Australian textile and fibre artists. Additionally, I presented my 18 minute film (professionally produced) called ĎEarth Treasuresí at the Paris American Academy of Arts and the Musee de Quay Branley in Paris. This film is shot on location and documents how I live and work within my environment."

Journey of Colour, an essay by Trudi.


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