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Nature Playzone

A natural part of children's physical play involves engaging in play that is challenging, a bit scary and somewhat risky.

The Minnawarra House Nature Zone playground has beend designed for children to learn how to manage risk - learn what is dangerous and what isn't. They acquire better motor control and develop self-confidence through finding the balance in exploring and taking risks while avoiding injury.

Diverse and challenging environments promote risk management in children. Benefits can be learning teamwork, co-operation, increased problem solving and life skills.

All kinds of climbing equipment is available where children can learn to judge heights and manage fear of falling.

A creek bed through a sandy area can be pumped with water. Children can learn teamwork, co-operation and exploration while having fun.

With this antique water pipe system children can disappear and go exploring inside the pipes.

The tree logs allow children to judge heights and balance their steps and jumps.

Children love rolling down the grassy knoll. It is an opportunity to become aware of personal safety and to enjoy the feeling of being "out of control".

Outdoor under cover patio area with barbecue, overlooking the Nature Zone.

Minnawarra House
24 Numulgi St, Armadale
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